The Holiday Gift Shop

Kids’ Favorite Approach to Holiday Shopping

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The Most Experience
For over 50 years The Holiday Gift Shop® has been delivering the best holiday shop to schools across the country. The wealth of knowledge and experience is something we draw on every day to offer you the most polished and professional shop we possibly can.

The Best Merchandise

Each year we hand pick our merchandise and have our talented designers create new, exciting items that can’t be found anywhere else. The buying power advantage we have with Rhode Island Novelty ensures we will be able to offer the highest quality gift merchandise at the lowest prices available on the market for years to come.

The Easiest Program
No hassles, no problems and no risk! We delivery your merchandise on consignment, count your return inventory and do our very best to make your shop as easy, light and fun as possible. Your success is OUR success, we would like to continue a relationship year after year and we want your goals to be met or exceeded. If you’ve have a bad experience with another provider, we can assure you that by trying The Holiday Gift Shop® you’ll see the difference in detail first hand.