Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to run a shop?

A: There is no up front charge for your shop. You pay only for the items sold once your shop is completed.

Q: How much does each gift cost?

A: Each item has a unique cost. We have items for all budgets ranging from $.25 to $10.00.

Q: When should I run my shop?

A: We’ve found the best days to run a shop are Tuesday – Thursday with a make up day Friday.

Q: Can we run our shop on the weekend?

A:  The Holiday Gift Shop® program is designed to be run during school hours. Only qualified schools are given exception to run a Saturday only Holiday Shop.

Q: Do I pay for broken merchandise?

A: You will not be billed for broken merchandise. Send back the broken merchandise as unsold after communicating with us any issues.

Q: How late can I reorder items for next day delivery?

A: Reorder before 12:00 PM Eastern Time and we will deliver your merchandise the next day before your shop begins.